Ms. Marvel - recognition and representation for the unsung community of South Asian entertainers

Ms Marvel (Disney+), the most recent small-screen entry into the MCU, sees the birth of a superhero and a star. The character is Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teen and the first Muslim star of Marvel, whose solo comic book series debuted in 2014. The miniseries tells her genesis tale, shifting the focus a little from the narrative and further empowering it.

In place of flight or superspeed, she attaches an old family bangle to her cosplay outfit at the last minute, giving her the power to fire energy beams that take on a semblance of solid form and enable her to tread on platforms she can create ahead of herself in the air.

Due to the bangle, Kamala's Pakistani origin and the Partition tragedy in particular can be linked to her abilities. It belonged to her great-grandmother, one of the many people who disappeared at the time and who now seems to be backchanneling to Kamala through her powers.

As a brand built for unsung, guilded tones that have been so overlooked in the media despite a movement to get the BAME community more recognition, Brulée Beauty is ecstatic to see such progression as well as accurate representation. We love the touch of the bangle - an accessory that goes far beyond tying an outfit together. The staff here at Brulée are huge fans of Ms. Marvel and hope that we can keep a good thing going here with the accurate representation and recognition. 

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