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How to Choose the Best Concealer Shade

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It can be difficult to determine which concealer shades are best for you. The market offers an overwhelming variety of products. When you get home, a product that appears to be a perfect match in the store may look completely different. Knowing your skin's undertone is essential for selecting the right concealer shade. Once you've determined that, choosing the best shades becomes much easier.

So how can you identify undertones? Here are three easy ways you can do so at home.

Understand the dividing line between skin undertones and skin tones.

Your undertone is the true colour of your skin that lies just beneath the surface. The colour of your skin's surface can change due to sun exposure, rosacea, or acne, but the undertone never does. Undertones are classified into three types: warm, cool, and neutral. Concealers are usually divided into one of three categories.

These currents apply to people of all nationalities. Those with darker skin may have ashen or grey undertones. This is a neutral skin tone with olive undertones.

Refer to your jewellery collection.

Which do you prefer, gold or silver jewellery? If you frequently prefer gold jewellery because it flatters you, you most likely have a warm undertone. If you prefer silver jewellery because it seems to suit you better, you probably have a cool undertone.

If you're not sure, check your skin in the mirror against both gold and silver jewellery.
If neither seems to flatter you more than the other, you probably have a neutral undertone.

The white Towel Test

Wrap a white towel around your skin to inspect it. Do you notice any particular colours? The white of the towel will draw attention to the undertone. NOTE: Because fluorescent bulbs can distort the skin's true undertone and create a deceptive greenish tint, this is only effective if your mirror has natural light.

  • A cool undertone is indicated by a blueish tint.
  • A warm undertone is indicated by a yellowish tint.
  • A neutral undertone is indicated by a greenish tint.

Concealer's purpose is to even out skin tone by targeting small areas, so examine your face thoroughly. Because of the prevalence of dark circles, under the eyes are a common problem area for many people. Going two shades lighter to conceal dark areas is usually advised as the absolute maximum.
To avoid the reverse raccoon eye, you would usually be advised to go one shade lighter.  

Here is where Brulée Beauty comes in; our golden undertoned concealer can be used to skip that colour correcting step to diminish those raccoon eyes. Yellow-toned concealers are known help to conceal the appearance of under eye circles and our brand is built for those gilded tones that never got catered to. Have a look through our shade guide to see how you to match your skin to our concealer using your current products, or drop us a DM via instagram. 

Everyone deserves to look like they've gotten their full eight hours of sleep.

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