Brulée Beauty; an Ode to motherhood.

With the exciting news of Sonam Kapoor - a soon to be mother alongside her accolades of being a Bollywood gem - circulating our social media feed, we feel it is only fair to step back and evaluate the importance of appreciating all the stages women go through in their lives and how Brulée Beauty aims to support that. 

No two people are the same and this remains incredibly true when it comes to mothers. Motherhood is a relationship, a social construct, a full-time work, and a sense of self-identity all rolled into one. Motherhood, or at least the prospect of it, is a common part of life for most women, with an estimated 85 percent of women having given birth.

There are many paths to motherhood, and none of them are smooth. The transition to motherhood is a beautiful, transformative time for some people, but for about 20-25% of women, perinatal depression and other mood disorders make pregnancy and postpartum a scary and fearful time.

It takes a lot more than mailing cards on Mother's Day to honour mothers. Making room for mothers entails policy changes that make the road to parenting safer, such as legislation to lower maternal morbidity and death. While we aren't policy makers here at Brulée, we feel we can make a difference. For many women, pregnancy and the postpartum period can feel like puberty all over again, as hormonal swings, sleep, energy, and hunger throw off the body's predictable mood and weight management responses. When you add in new social duties, acne, and stretch marks, it's easy to feel uneasy and odd in your body and mind.

It's no easy task juggling self-care after a pregnancy with baby care. It's much more difficult in a culture that offers little social support for mothers and places excessive expectations on women to appear polished and at ease in their new job. Managing your emotional relationship with your body is not only healthy for you, but it may also be good for your child, according to studies. Maintaining a positive body image throughout pregnancy may lower your risk of disordered eating and risky habits like smoking, which can harm the foetus. It may also aid emotional bonding, breastfeeding motivation, and overall mood.

Makeup is probably the one controllable variable in their lives, and so many rely on it to polish off their outward appearance. While we do think everyone is beautiful with or without makeup, we know what it means to be able to feel beautiful - a totally different feat to looking beautiful. We at Brulée think we can achieve both. 

Our product is formulated with a skin-friendly blend of ingredients that is gentle on your skin - for brown skin. BAME mothers in particular are statically known to receive less help due to their social economic status as well as the less talked about racial divide. Brulée Beauty aims to make these mothers feel the beauty that they carry in their hearts. We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful but that's only a possibility if there are products out on the market that cater to you, which there rarely is for 'the other'. 

In fact, we want to support women through all stages of their lives. Everyone deserves that little boost of confidence whether they're transitioning out from high school, working long hours throughout the week or waking up every night to tend to their screaming newborn. The thought of being catered to and thought about is a feeling of joy that a lot of people don't get to feel when product shopping.

Not anymore, not with Brulée Beauty.

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