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Here's The Correct Way To Conceal Blemishes

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It is crucial that you pick the right makeup products for your acne-prone skin in order to avoid making your pimples worse when you apply it. 



Moisturising is essential, even when we have a pimple. It is crucial to moisturise your face before putting any makeup, and we cannot stress this enough. By providing a smooth foundation for the items to adhere to, moisturiser aids in skin preparation. If you have acne problems, you can apply an oil-free moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type or pick a moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type.


Colour Correct 

The secret to concealing is choosing the right colour corrector. Opt for a green one if you have redness or inflammation. Dark spots should be covered with peach-toned hues, dull yellow tones should be covered with purple corrector, and extremely dark spots should be covered with orange.


Now here’s the thing, with Brulée Beauty, this is a step you can ignore altogether. Our full coverage concealer has a built in colour corrector meaning that your time spent concealing all of these blemishes can be halved - is that not the best thing you’ve heard? 


Using the Correct Amount of Concealer 

One of the essential items in our beauty bags is concealer. It is our go-to for practically every skin condition, whether it be hiding dark spots, blemishes, pigmentations, or dark circles. Applying excessive amounts of makeup is the last thing you want to do when covering pimples. Applying excessive concealer and foundation may actually make it more noticeable rather than cover it up. You want to avoid irritating the inflammatory pimple further when treating it. Apply a small amount of light to medium shade concealer to the blemish and then blend it into your skin.


Define The Look 

It's crucial to use the proper method to get immaculate coverage. For spots, it is best to use a makeup brush to mix it or a beauty sponge to dab it on properly. Once you've finished applying the product, set it with a translucent powder to ensure that it remains put and gives your appearance a flawless finish. 


Additionally, to prevent those bothersome pimples, always keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean.

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