A guide to finding your perfect concealer shade match

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The right concealer and foundation are essential for that perfect makeup look. You want everything to look just right, blended perfectly, and get that effortless, glowy look...but somehow, your foundation and concealer don’t seem right. The shading doesn’t quite match, or you’re just not sure if you’re meant to apply foundation before concealer, or the other way around. 

It can be pretty confusing, but don’t worry - that’s what Brulée Beauty is here for! In this post, we’ll delve into how to pick the perfect shade of concealer for your skin.

How do I pick the right shade of concealer?

Choosing the right shade of concealer is a multifaceted process. Ideally, you should be looking for a product that highlights and flatter your natural undertones, is pigmented and long-wearing, and helps mask any skin discoloration or under-eye circles effortlessly. 

A common mistake many make is getting the exact same shade of concealer and foundation or going one shade lighter with concealer. However, your concealer and foundation are for different purposes when it comes to your makeup look, and using the same shades for both will likely end up looking uneven -  even if you’re a master blender.

The secret to choosing a concealer shade

You see, the circles under your eye will generally be darker than your skin. So when you’re looking for a concealer, it should neutralize and cover the darker under-eye circles rather than match the actual skin on your cheek.

If you’re looking to neutralize and mask dark under-eye circles, the best way to pick the best shade of concealer is to choose a shade that is closest in color to the under-eye circles. Going for a lighter shade may highlight the dark circles rather than masking them, and getting that natural look will become more difficult.

The best way to combat this? Pick a concealer that’s able to neutralize and reduce the look of darker under-eye circles while still matching your unique skin undertone. With most commercial makeup, though, a common issue we see is that it’s geared towards specific types of skin undertones, so it may not match your skin completely. Most shades end up looking a bit off, and it won’t give you the coverage you actually need. We’ve all been there where we’ve cycled through concealers trying to find the perfect fit, and they end up falling short.

Luckily, this is slowly becoming a problem of the past. With Brulée Beauty entering the concealer space, we take care of people with golden skin tones to find their perfect match and color correct, conceal and brighten the under eye in one go. With our skin loving ingredients, our concealers also help tackle the skin  concerns golden skinned people might face. 

If you’re not entirely sure how to choose the right shade of concealer or what kind of skin undertone you have, Brulée Beauty can help! You can check out our FAQ guide here on how to find your concealer shade to learn more about the golden-yellow undertone, or contact us to learn more about our concealers that are revolutionising the beauty world!

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