Influences of Eurocentric Beauty Ideals on South Asian, Latina, and Arab Beauty Trends

Global beauty standards have long been influenced by Eurocentric ideals, impacting South Asian, Latina, and Arab beauty trends. Europe's historical colonial expansion and imperialism have left an enduring mark on these regions, leading to the adoption of Western beauty norms. 

Nonetheless, it is imperative to honour the unique and vibrant beauty traditions of these areas. Beyond Eurocentric influences, popular makeup trends worldwide draw inspiration from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Makeup Trends from Across the Globe

Winged Eyeliner 

Egyptian Winged eyeliner, one of the most iconic makeup trends, finds its origins in ancient Egypt. Egyptians used kohl to craft bold, winged eye makeup, enhancing their beauty and providing practical benefits like shielding their eyes from the sun's glare. This timeless technique enjoys global popularity, honoring its cultural heritage.

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Thick Eyebrows 

Arab and South Asian Influences Thick, impeccably shaped eyebrows are a prevalent beauty trend in the Western world, with roots in Arab and South Asian cultures. These regions have celebrated lush, perfectly contoured eyebrows for centuries, utilizing natural ingredients and techniques. Their influence resonates worldwide, fueling the love for fuller brows.

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While Eurocentric ideals have wielded a substantial influence on beauty standards in South Asia, Latin America, and the Arab world, it is essential to acknowledge the resilience of the unique beauty traditions in these regions. 

Modern beauty standards are evolving, with many individuals challenging Eurocentric norms by embracing their natural features and cultural heritage. Alongside recognizing the impact of Eurocentric standards, it is vital to attribute the origins of popular makeup trends to their respective cultural roots, celebrating their global influence and the diversity in beauty worldwide.


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