Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie and Directed by Greta Gerwig: A Taste of Change...Welcome to Our World!

So apparently the new Barbie movie starring and produced by Margot Robbie and directed by Hollywood’s Greta Gerwig is all about how the (plastic) woman who we all love to hate is getting a taste of her own medicine.

Yes! You read that right! Barbie has fallen out of her pink cloud into the “real world” and guess what? She doesn’t fit in! Well barbie, welcome to our world darling girl. Because this is exactly how most of us felt growing up! This story of unrealistic beauty standards is certainly not new to us.

However, the question must be asked; Is the world changing? Or has the word actually changed? And has Barbie herself been a part of that change? The answer to these questions is looking very much like a big, pink, fat YES!

Watching the incredibly gorgeous Sakshma Strivastav interview the equally gorgeous America Ferrera on Enow, was a beautiful reminder that representation matters. Fererra states that she didn’t play with Barbies growing up as “It didn’t represent me… I didn’t feel like the Barbie world pertained to me…” She goes on to say that “Barbie has changed… This movie has given us all the permission to see ourselves in this fun, joyful, pink, exciting world” To which Strivastav responds “I think you’re the perfect Barbie for me… You’re incredible, you’re such a strong woman. You’re the perfect Barbie! You belong!” Watching these 2 beautiful brown girls connect on such a visceral level really resonates with us.

As we look forward, we can celebrate the positive influence that diverse Barbies have had on shaping young minds, fostering empathy, and promoting a more inclusive future. Barbie, once again, proves that she's not just a doll; she's an ambassador for positive change and an inspiration for generations to come.

Whether you had Barbie or not as a child, it has played such a massive part in our culture as women, there has been the evolution of Barbie from a single, iconic doll to a diverse and inclusive collection, and this is a testament to the power of progress and the importance of representation. By embracing different ethnicities, body types, and abilities, Barbie dolls now reflect the rich tapestry of our society.

Young children playing with these diverse Barbies are exposed to the beauty of inclusivity, empowering them to appreciate and respect differences in the world around them.

By shattering impossible beauty standards and embracing diversity, we can create a world where everyone feels like the star of their own telenovela or Bollywood blockbuster!

Barbie has undoubtedly changed and we at Brulée Beauty are here for it! Pass us the popcorn please!

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