Founder - Fizah Pasha

Trained at London’s Delamar Academy, Fizah Pasha is a visionary makeup artist with over a decade of experience in the international beauty industry. Driven by a passion for making women feel beautiful in their own skin Fizah’s signature makeup aesthetic, which celebrates an individualistic approach to beauty, has caught the eye of influential socialites and models who have become loyal clients over the years.

Working across London, Dubai, New York and Karachi, Fizah’s detail-driven eye swiftly honed in on the lack of makeup options catering to clients with golden-yellow undertones. These women, who came from a range of ethnic backgrounds, shared common skin concerns and collectively struggled to find complementary, color-enhancing shades for their unique complexions. Not quite the industry “warm” nor the stereotypical “cool”, it became evident that this multifaceted undertone was consistently miscategorized and underrepresented in the industry.

On a mission to find the gold standard within cosmetics, Fizah employed advanced color theory, dermatology and cosmetology principles to develop Brulée Beauty – a dedicated makeup range that embraced the exceptional diversity of this sun-kissed undertone. From delicate olives and delicious bronzes to soft tans and decadent caramels, Brulée Beauty unites the golden girls of the world in a boundary-defying movement that pays homage to the complexities, depth and beauty of the golden undertone.