About us

Here at Brulée Beauty we believe in empowering women through education - this is why we have partnered up with TCF, a charity in Pakistan that builds schools for the underprivileged communities in the country. A proceed of our sales goes directly to TCF to help educate the future generation of empowered women.

Founded by global makeup artist Fizah Pasha, Brulée Beauty is a boundary-defying makeup range dedicated to celebrating the diversity and beauty of golden undertoned complexions.

Often miscategorized and always underrepresented, golden-yellow undertones have long been designated exclusively to medium-tan skin tones when, in fact, these multifaceted tones exist in a full spectrum of shades ranging from macadamia to deep caramel.

Inspired by the variety of golden skin tones evident within her clientele, Fizah worked to create a pioneering range of cosmetics which addressed the unique needs of women with golden-yellow undertones. Formed with the vision to create one-of-a-kind, skin nourishing products, Brulée Beauty redefines the cosmetic color spectrum by embracing the full range of skin tones possessing the sun-kissed undertone.

As golden hued complexions are prone to undereye circles and skin discoloration, launching Brulée Beauty with a pigmented, longwear concealer was the natural first step. Formulated using advanced collagen-boosting and light-diffusing ingredients, Brulée Beauty’s Signature Concealer hydrates, conceals, brightens and blurs in one simple step. The high-coverage concealer translates Fizah’s signature feature-enhancing makeup methodology with a natural second-skin finish that stays put all day. Whether you build it up or wear it lightly, it’s time to set your golden undertones ablaze. 

It’s time to get Bruléed.